Terms of Service


Red Acre Investments conducts independent research and analysis into stocks with a primary focus on the biotech sector.  While we make every attempt to ensure that the sources of information we use to base our opinions is reliable and complete, we make no guarantees that they are and specifically disclaim any responsibility from your reliance on such information.

We are not registered investment advisers and we do not provide individual investment advice.

By using our free or paid services you acknowledge that we are not providing you specific individual investment advice.

We assume no liability for loss should you decide to invest in stocks that we analyze.

Your investment decisions are 100% your own.

While we report the performance of on our recommendations from time to time - this is NOT a claim or guarantee of earnings.

Past results are NEVER indicative of future success and you should stop listening to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.


All written, video, audio and other material on our websites is copyrighted by us and all rights are reserved. Inquiries about using excerpts from our copyrighted material may be made via email to team AT redacre DOT com. (replace AT with the '@' sign and DOT with '.')

Logos, Trade Names and Servicemarks

The Red Acre Investments name along with the Red Acre Logo, our taglines, trade names and servicemarks are expressly our property and may NOT be used by you for any purpose with prior written permission from us. Specifically, our logos include the Red colored Square with White Lettering of the words "Red Acre" as well as the full logo with our brands including: Red Acre Investments, Red Acre Premium , Red Acre Biotech Binary Event Watch, Red Acre Capital, Red Acre Media, Red Acre Management and Red Acre Partners. The servicemarks "Get Ahead of the Curve" and "Stay Ahead of the Curve" are also part of our protected intellectual property

Customer Service

Customer service inquiries should be directed to team AT redacre DOT com. (replace AT with the '@' sign and DOT with '.'). Additionally you may write to us at:

Red Acre Investments

760 Chapel St

2nd Floor

New Haven, CT 06510

No Outside Compensation For Analysis

At Red Acre we firmly believe that stock investment research is best performed when it is UNBIASED. Therefore, we DO NOT accept compensation from companies that we cover. In general, we are not in the business of providing investor relations services because it fundamentally conflicts with our role as independent analysts.

Author Relationships

If you write for us you understand and agree that any work you submit is delivered as a "work-for-hire" and we own 100% of the rights to such works regardless of whether or not monetary remuneration was involved. Any work you submit to use must be 100% your own work and must adhere to our policy of not receiving compensation from companies covered either directly or indirectly.

In no event shall writing for us constitute an employment relationship.

Right to Change

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time to suit our current business needs.

This policy was last updated on January 22, 2015